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New Work: Diana

I am not sure how things changed, but change they did:) This whole year has been super busy and there still lots more to do even though the year is drawing to a close fast. Fortunately:) At the moment, I’m rounding off one shoot and preparing another one for later this week. The initial two week Instagram take over at the CX Company has morphed into me being one of their official Instagrammers. And there’s still the hunt for a new apartment.

As for posting new work, about three weeks ago or so I was approached by Schrijf-Schrijf to shoot four different portraits of Diana. She was just interviewed for the “KansenKrant” and they needed some accompanying photographs. I met up with her at her office in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam. The office was a little on the dark side simply due to the autumn weather so we did most of the work outside in the parking lot.


Listening to: Neil Young