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Slap! – Sidewalk Surfers

So it’s the week after and am having a mild case of post excitement blues. Perhaps also because a planned shoot on Friday morning never happened and left a rather bad taste in my mouth (understatement).

 photo by www.we-are-awesome.com

 Anyway, the week was cool and the exhibition opening was a big success. So many people pitched up, there was enough free booze and cupcakes to go around, the vibe was cool & relaxed and people seemed to have a good time. Thanks so much to everyone who came out! I heard they even sold some of the photos on opening night (not mine) and congratulations to those photographers. Hopefully this is the beginning of selling *everything* at the Museum Gallery, always:-)

photo by Joy-Anne Goodenough (www.flickr.com/photos/greenhairmermaid)

 The new design cafe on the corner of Harrington and Barrack Street is quite cool. It is a pop up cafe and it will only be there for 6 months. It looks like the building is either being sold or renovated and the space is left quite bare but it has a cool vibe. Someone told me there are art studios upstairs but you have to make an appointment to visit. Should do so. These pop up stores are such a cool concept. I don’t know if it’s unique to Cape Town or SA or if it’s an imported idea but I really hope it will spread to The Netherlands as well. Having a cafe or gallery in a place for only 6 months or even 6 weeks while the space is in between owners, renovations or waiting for budget clearing at least it is being used. It also adds a bit of excitement to the city. Stores come and go, they’re always cool and it’s always temporary. Really makes you want to pay attention and keep track of it. I think it’s cool. There. Go find one.

As far as Swimming Upstream is concerned, I decided that I’d like to add one or two more people to the project, two girls preferably as there are a lot of men already which is def not a bad thing but ja:-) I’ve got musicians, dj’s, mc’s, authors, graphic designers and fashion designers. It might be cool to add a dancer, photographer, videographer or graffiti artist. Maybe I should find all of those eh… What do you think? Suggestions welcome for sure!

There are two more shoots to do but one of the participants is still on holiday, the other is still finishing her new collection and we’d like to include her new designs in the shoot so I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. I’m really looking forward to doing both shoots!

In the mean time I’ll finish editing some other shoots as I never got round doing that last week and set out to find a new, cool, rocking chick.

Listening to Fremdkunst’s B-Beats and Soundscapes, it’s kinda cool, must say:-) The title comes from one of their songs: Sidewalk Surfers and Eccentric Dancers.


The New Landscape opening Sept 30th

I’ve been asked (lucky fish:-)) to take part in the opening exhibition of the brand new gallery Museum. It’s a group exhibition featuring national and international artists. It would be awesome if you could come check it out and perhaps even see you on the opening night.

Museum Gallery, Upper Eastside, at the top of Brickfield Road, Salt River


See you there I’m sure:-)