Swimming Upstream is a project by Dutch photograper Kathalijne van Zutphen profiling young South African creatives. And I am pretty much your basic ocean watching, coffee drinking, traveling photographer who does lunch.

Welcome to my blog.


2014 – Met Eigen Ogen, group exhibition, Kasteel Woerden, The Netherlands
2010 – Swimming Upstream exhibition at The Grand Daddy Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
2010 – The New Landscape, Museum Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
2004 – Music, solo exhibition, Plato, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2002 – 50 Years of Pop Music, group exhibition, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2000 – Bewoners, group exhibition, Moira Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Clients and Publications include:
021 Magazine, Africanews.com, Agatha Snellenschool, An A-Z of Franz Ferdinand (by Helen Chase), CocoRosie, Cut-Up Magazine, Excelsior Recordings, FCB, Fret Magazine, Get Addicted To, Hot Water, I-dans, Itch Magazine, Jamal Thomas Band, Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble, Lella Fathia, Low, Maag Lever Darm Stichting, Mama Cash, Naald&Kraak DJ Collective, NCDO, Opscene Magazine, Portfolio Travel Blog, Rabobank, Schorer, Schrijf-Schrijf, SHUTR, SJU Magazine, Teddy Shouldn’t Smoke, Telegraag Media Groep, USBO/University of Utrecht, World Portraits


Email: photo@kathalijne.com


Instagram: kathalijnedotcom



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  2. I just want to be on your mailinglist so I receive new Blog Posts.

  3. I love your pic that won Silver in the London Photographic contest!

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