Towards the end of summer

How do you know when it is time to push through just a little bit longer or to face facts and say this isn’t working? Where’s the line separating determination, knowing what you want and faith in your own ability from plain stupidity? If you know, let me know cause I sure as hell don’t know anymore.

I have got emails to editors, submissions to magazines, introductions letters, entries to competitions, tweets, likes.. you name it, coming out of my ears. I do get published, and I do have work coming in, but I am still not making a well enough living.
Non of the online magazines I have submitted work to, pay for the content you provide. Yes, it’s cool to be published but I also like to get paid. And yes, it is my choice to enter my work in the first place. The thing is, that I feel that something is wrong in this whole set up. To illustrate my point, consider the following.
I personally believe that in order to create a high quality and healthy online culture business, magazines should pay  journalists and photographers for the work they do, and magazines should be paid via subscriptions and through selling ads.
Yet, I just came across an online photography magazine that charges photographers $35 to submit their work to that magazine. Wait a sec.. you are charging me to provide you with free content for your magazine? That is wrong. Isn’t that kind of like biting the hand that feeds you? OK, fair enough, the one that feeds you are the readers buying your magazines and the money you make from the ads on the site, but you can not charge the one who provides you with content. And you do not pay them in return when you do publish their work. Boo..
To be continued.. I need coffee.

4 responses to “Towards the end of summer

  1. That’s a load of bollocks that is. (charging photographers to submit work, not the rest of the blog post) As to how do you know? I have no idea sweetheart! It’s probably like those people trying for a baby and finally falling pregnant when they stop crying? But there’s no way of knowing. miss you tho xx

    • Thanks:) Let me know if you figured it out:) Perhaps you’re right and it is like your example.. i do know though that nothing comes out if you have put in nothing as well:/ So, just keep trying or aim for different angles? We’ll see, we’ll make a plan:) Perhaps the whole European economy will decide it for us, hope not. Plan, plan, I need a plan!:)

      Chick, i miss you loads too!!! It’s about time for a proper catch up!!! xxxxx

  2. Damn..all the hard work..and the crazy market overflooded by “free” images. Is there a way of both continuing with photography and some other job paying the bills that doesn’t consume too much energy? Let me know. One thing for sure is that you had and have the power to live your dreams. And what a memorable adventure it has been so far! That’s a value of its own. Hugs from Erika and Ricky.

    • Hi my dear friend! I think finding a part time job to go with photography is about the only way to go at the moment. So I must hop to it:) I will let you know how things continue from here. And thank yo for replying to this post and your support. It means a lot. Love to you and Ricky. x

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