The Pirate’s Gospel

True. I have missed a lot back home: my cousin’s funeral, my mother’s operation, my friend’s bout with cancer, another friend’s baby boy. I have missed my family, my friends and the comforts of being at home. I missed riding my bicycle, odd but true. I missed having an income and got into debt. 
Yet a few tears, thousands of laughs and a million lessons later I know I made the right the decision and damn, I’m not done yet:-)
 Besides having had several friends visiting, an operation, my friend C’s amazing 3 month stay here, I learned that I have amazing friends, I swam, danced, ran, cried, banged my head, made a video, was interviewed, went to a lot of gallery openings, saw movies, listened to music but most of all I 
Photographed: Winter for The Learning Cape, Verity Price twice, Rocking the Daisies, Donovan Copley, Neil John Smith in his studio at the Woodstock Industrial Centre, Tristan Waterkeyn at home and in town, Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund at UCT, Captain Stu and Johnny Clegg at WBHS, Miss Texas 1977 in Woodstock, Hendrik Vermeulen in Tokai, Guy Buttery at Klein Plaasdam, Akio Kawahito in Woodstock, S.A. Partridge in Noordhoek, Toby Attwell in Maitland, Jeanne, Loredana, Monishia Schoeman in Parkwood, Tshepo Moche in the Bo-Kaap, Lauren Fowler in Kalk Bay and Maloti Mothobi in Guguletu.
Flowers in West Coast National Park, a wanna be, broke into the Mint Building in Muizies for an impromptu photo shoot, Do It Day on Kommetjie beach, kite surfers, Lieve on her beetle, Ayesha’s PhD graduation and henna tattoos, a trip in Namibia, a road trip with Maarten through the Swartberg into Die Hel and back through Outeniqua, a visit with Joy to Site 5, sundowners on Lion’s Head and a day sailing in Hout Bay. 
 Published: an interview with Donovan Copley, a review of a Tonik gig, a piece on volunteering in Capricorn, an interview with Verity Price and one with Tristan Waterkeyn on the Portfolio Travel Blog. Picture of Freshlyground in 021 magazine, Hendrik Vermeulen in the Cape Times. 
 Stayed: at the Bluebottle, Amberley, Capri, St.James, Amberley, Namibia, Woodstock, the Netherlands, Woodstock, Noordhoek, Woodstock, Fresnaye, Woodstock, Welcome Glenn, Capri. 
Lost: cell phone, clothes through the window, mugged at knife point, car. 
Made: friends and connections. A project. 
Had: an awesome time. Meetings. Coffee. A solo exhibition at the Grand Daddy Hotel and a group exhibition at Museum. 
Laughed: till I cried, at monkeys coming through the cat flap, “I like your head do you wear it everyday”, the moon the moon!
Felt: sad, lonely, nervous, loved, humbled, excited, drunk, in love, amazed, confused, ready to go, lost, happy.  
Touched: the glass ceiling, wood. 
Tasted: freedom, whiskey’s and wines. 
Liked: you. 
Loved: doing it all. 
Wants: More.
In case you’re wondering, the title comes from Alela Diane’s record The Pirate’s Gospel and that song has been stuck in my head all day. Together with “I’m a boy I’m a boy but my mom won’t admit it. If i say i am I’m going to get it” by, nuh nuh, The Who! 🙂 

4 responses to “The Pirate’s Gospel

  1. this post makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. it was awesome, the whole bang-shoot.

  2. 🙂 made me smile and get goose bumps and we want you back and you haven’t even left yet 🙂 glad we get to spend time together again this last week (for now).


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