Hello operator, can you give me back my dime?

On some random day years and years ago (must have been 2001 or 2002) The Soledad Brothers* performed at our house. Yes, you heard that right. The Soledad Brothers. They played at our house. Yup.
You see, I lived in this place called The Moira which was a creative hub of sorts. Formerly owned by an insurance company, the building was left abandoned and unattended. Squatters moved in in no time. This was during the “no future” 80’s  after all (and no, i was not around at the time:-)) and squatting was what one did apparently. And drink. And take coke. Or heroine.
They took over and turned it into a place for artists and soon enough it became a legalized place where rent was cheap. Pretty much adhering to the theory that artists a) don’t make a lot of money and b) often pay rent twice being for their house and their studio so why not set up a place where people can live cheaply, have a studio available, including a (rather well-known) gallery space, plus rehearsal space for bands and a hall in which they could perform. There used to be a darkroom as well but by the time I moved in they had turned in into a store room. The Moira consisted of several buildings and housed about 30 people in total. Each floor consisting of its own little community. Artsy, often “dance/dj” types everywhere except for where we lived:-) We were the rock floor. 
All this is completely besides the point. The point is that this one guy organized cool shows in the hall below. Many a local band performed there but also the Dead Brothers and indeed, the Soledad Brothers (pictured above). While we were having our beers in one of the little booths, I looked up and saw this chick that looked a hell of a lot like Meg White. So my friend went over there and hell yeah, it was Meg White, supporting her boyfriend’s band and selling records. My friend who btw, at the time, worked in a record store called Da Capo.
Fast forward to December 2010. The White Stripes are re-releasing their first 3 albums in limited editions and each record will be sold in one store only world wide. The first album will be available in a fire department in Detroit, White Blood Cells is available only in a record store in Memphis and yes, you guessed it, De Stijl is only available at Da Capo in Utrecht. Woop Woop!!!
Apparently, Da Capo was approached by Third Man Records, pretty much via The Dirtbombs who, whenever they are in the NL, always pop by Da Capo. The link with Utrecht is easily made of course, De Stijl, Rietveld, Utrecht, Da Capo. But what about your Moira anecdote, I hear you ask? Well, that had nothing to do with it:-)
*Soledad Brothers: “Idiosyncratic, imperfect, soulful, and fierce, the Soledads’ music is punk-rock attitude melded with Southern country fish fry, all-day sidewalk jamming, and White Panther power. It sounds like John Lee Hooker on an amphetamine jag.”  Or  just Google them:-) And Google the Dead Brothers too while you’re at it. Still love “Closer to you”
 The photo of The White Stripes was taken of course by Annie Leibovitz

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