Dancers at the end of time

Yesterday was fun, today I am bored. Massively bored. Yesterday I woke up at 6 am cause some silly ass monkeys came charging through the cat flap and causing mayhem. It was a definitive first for me:-) Had tons of coffee and laughs about it, moved to a different friend’s place, went for a swim, did some work and drove to Woodstock in order to meet up with Lieve. Headed to Museum for the Niklas Zimmer/Ray du Toit exhibition, was interviewed by Creative Cape Town, drank wine outside and slowly made our way home for food, drink and laughs on the back porch. A good day.
Today I am uninspired and am having trouble deciding what to do. It’s too hot to go for a run, i don’t feel like editing any photographs, am waiting to hear back from 2 magazines and a store that is interested in buying two of my photos and there is no fun on the horizon which I find hugely depressing.
There a few maybe fun things looming in the distance though but nothing’s definite and therefore don’t count, yet. Besides, they merely lead me to a different problem, not enough time left in SA and not enough funds to do it properly. I really want both though and refuse to not do things in the last two weeks. One of the fun things is shooting a video for a band and the other is to go on a trip with some friends. Doing both would be awesome as both would be new and fun cause ja, I need a little adventure. Something fun, something odd and most of all something new and unexpected. I even know who with but they can’t, or won’t or simply don’t care to do it… with me. Or they do but can’t make it within the time frame that is left.. hell, I don’t know… I should go outside.
If you are in town btw there is a cool thing happening at the Book Lounge later today: Andy Mason’s new book will be released, drinks and snacks provided plus a talk by Zapiro. The weloverealbeer festival is also on later today. Maybe we can go on our adventure tomorrow:-)
 The title comes from Howlin’Rain… look here:-)

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