Who Cares What The Question Is?

Gup Magazine, Mahala, Itch, A Look Away, One Small Seed… what other magazines? I need suggestions.. and publications:-)

With 3 more weeks to go I am starting to feel stressed out about doing more with the Swimming Upstream project. Have had a very cool and inspiring meeting with Instant Grass and one with Museum as well. Thing is, I have an awesome idea and it could totally work but I need more time. Instant Grass suggested doing it in January and that makes way more sense but that means coming back. Coming back is exactly what I want but I am so flippin’ broke that I am moving out today to stay with a friend. And then another friend. And another and another. You get the idea… Fuck. Where to find enough money for a plane ticket, food, housing, transport etc for 2 months…  Bleh

Meeting Overtone and Akio this afternoon.


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