Follow us Swimming Upstream

The opening night has come and gone but the exhibition is still up and running at the Grand Daddy Hotel and of course I think you should go check it out:-) I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize plenty of people in the wall, hey, they may even be your friends:-)

Cait Pansegrouw and Pierre de Villiers shot a beautiful little making-of-video of this project. They came along on a few shoots, interviewed some of the artists and just put it all together in a cool way. The video features Verity Price, Monishia Schoeman, Tshepo Moche, Hendrik Vermeulen, Maloti Mothobi and music by Tristan Waterkeyn.  And me:-) 

Unfortunately wordpress can’t upload vimeo files but the video is right here 

I apparently agree with myself quite often… I say something, think about it quickly and then nod “yes, yessss” haha didn’t know i did that:-)

Anyways have a look and tell us what you think. I’d love to hear:-)

This photo was taken that night by my awesome friend Joy-Anne Goodenough


3 responses to “Follow us Swimming Upstream

  1. awesome video, awesome night, awesome photograph & awesome friend

  2. 😀 awesome awesome!

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