– I just wanted to say –

I just wanted to say – Thank you. ‘Thank you’ to my friends and family, but most of all ‘thank you’ to;
my awesome friends Joy-Anne and Jolene for all the support, kicking my ass at times and making me believe I could do it, Lieve for feeding me, the Grand Daddy guys for hosting the exhibition and allowing me to have their first proper exhibition ever. The guys from Overtone for running banners, helping me with contacts and being part of the inspiration, Taluut for designing banners and invitations, Akio for spinning records, Dylan/Museum for giving me a chance in the New Landscape exhibition and for your valuable input, Verity for her beautiful introduction and Cait & Pierre for the awesome video and sleepless nights trying to pull it all together.

And naturally huge thank you’s to all artists taking part. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to climb into dirty deserted trains, for donning weird outfits, for dragging your beautiful designs into a soaking wet forest, for driving me around while getting drunk together and having your feet knibbled on by pigs, for standing in ice cold dams, for singing to me, for showing me around your neighborhood, for inviting me in your homes, for your music, for your art.

Thank you Toby Atwell, Lauren Beukes, Donovan Copley, Guy Buttery, Lauren Fowler, Twanji Kalula, Akio Kawahito, Miss Texas 1977, Tshepo Moche, Maloti Mothobi, S.A. Partridge, Verity Price, Monishia Schoeman, Neil John Smith, Hendrik Vermeulen, Tristan Waterkeyn and Sam Wilson.

Thank you.



8 responses to “– I just wanted to say –

  1. Aw shucks, its only a pleasure & thank you for being here and allowing me to get involved – I had a great time and am proud and privileged to call you my friend!

  2. it was awesome, as Jo said it was an honour to be involved even (in my case) in the smallest of ways. you did good!

    • Chickie, you have been the biggest help of all! You have listened to me whine, bitch and cry. Heard my stories again and again, organized a roof over my head, introduced me to awesome people, edited the interviews, and gave me the idea that I could totally do this. I owe you big time. Thank you! I hope you had some fun along the way:-) I sure did!!! xxxx

  3. Thank you for involving me in the project. Super cool!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS KATHALIJNE! You’ve pulled off an awesome feat. I wish I could have seen it. Well done!
    xx Shannon

    • aww thank you! Wish you could have been there too!!! Definitely laughed cried pulled out hair and generally stumbled along the way but it’s been totally *awesome*:-) xxx

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