Into something

It’s crazy, I still do the same thing I did when I was in high school, or at university, around exam time. I have so much stuff to do that I end up doing nothing. I am suddenly very good at making lists, catching up with friends, googling facts or trivia; now what exactly is the difference between a virus and bacteria? And damn, Monty Python cracks me up (youtube).. you get  the idea. I am also very good at editing photos that really don’t need no editing right now.
 Fortunately, the fear of failure is keeping me from doing absolutely nothing so I did sent out useful emails, edited the last two of three shoots and have started putting some more quotes into Photoshop this morning.
This song keeps me sane and happy, sadly no proper video, but awesome song nonetheless:
They say that bananas are good for you for a number of reasons such as Kalium but apparently they also help calm your nervous system… I am suddenly eating a lot of bananas, I can tell you that much. 
Bananas, The Kills, Neil Young and Santogold, an odd but good combination:-)
And coffee, don’t forget the coffee..

3 responses to “Into something

  1. i dont know much about banana’s except they taste yucky, but i do know that wine helps you relax…..

    • haha don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology, don’t know much about a science book, don’t know much about the french i took:-) ladida, what a wonderful world this would be:-))

      and wine definitely helps! I’m going to need litres of it by the time it’s Thursday!

  2. Liters of wine: sounds like a plan to meeee!

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