Strato – A Saturday like Sunday

Editing the Strato pics while listening to Tamaryn, ‘The Waves’ folky psychedelic shoegazing music from the US. According to The Guardian “This San Francisco duo combine the Horrors’ shimmery reverb with Mazzy Star’s icy vocals to create a hazy, indie noise.” #like
It also makes me wanna go on a road trip. I remember me and my brother driving to the south of France one early morning with Madrugada on the radio. I think we just passed Bruxelles when we turned up the sound even louder and the sun was coming out slowly. “Blue, strange colour blue”, sung by Sivert Høyem:-) . I want another long trip like that or chasing some faraway mountain toward Die Hel.
Back to today. Dutch licorice and a hang-over from the whiskey fest add to the Sunday feeling I have. Memories of a vodka and absynth induced night out in Amsterdam come to mind as well. We watched another shoegazing band that evening, and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the band. Not all that surprising, I suppose. Have a copy of Aranofsky’s ‘Requiem for a Dream” and I’ll probably end up watching it tonight.  
I wish I had something remotely intelligent or interesting to report today but I don’t. All I did was unpack my stuff, sent out another bunch of press releases and invitations this afternoon,  this time to Instant Grass, Word of Art, Pecha Kucha, The Field Office and more. And downloaded some music for the video and waiting for the last link to download an album.
A blurry melancholy Saturday it is.

2 responses to “Strato – A Saturday like Sunday

  1. at least you had a fabulous weekend. miss you, see you thursday, cant wait

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