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Lump Sum – Champagne Art and the W.I.C.

Last week was a cool, networking, kind of week. Had to finish the selection of photographs for the new Strato website on Monday as well as fetch a new car somewhere near Kirstenhof. The guy told me that when the police first found the car, the car was perfectly fine besides a small dent in the fender yet when they came back to tow it to the pound it had been completely and utterly stripped. Ai. Kinda makes you wonder *who* stripped the car exactly.
Met with the Grand Daddy guys and the girls from The Imaginarium late Tuesday morning and that was very cool. Looks like we’re going to co-organize an event… Overtone and Instant Grass may also be getting involved. Stay tuned all:-)) Had lunch with the lovely mermaid in Newlands and then went to opening of the Visiting Artists exhibition at Greatmore. It should be called GreatNoMore… seriously… Or Gratemore.. grating away at something, patience maybe. Quoting Desmond Tutu on a canvas. Seriously? Hell, what do I know. Suffice it to say that I think most works were easy, superficial and finished in a sloppy fashion and not very exciting at all.
Wednesday saw us going to Museum to have a look at the 2nd year Varsity students which was cool enough. Met with Magdalena (Overtone/ZuMedia) to chat about the Swimming Upstream exhibition and how to push it out there more on Thursday after which we went to the launch of a new events company called Colligo. They had a free whiskey tasting and did a cool shout out about my exhibition. Thanks guys!
(copyright: Roger Ballen)
Friday was the best, starting with a visit to the Woodstock Industrial Centre where Word-of-Art had organized an exhibition of and talk by photographer Roger Ballen. I love going there and yes, this time was just as cool as always:-) Exhibition in one room, wooden benches, bar and projector in another. The shop was open as well. Free champagne, fabulous snacks and gorgeous people. I must admit that I had never heard of Roger Ballen but I am so glad I went. I first had a look at his work from ‘Boarding House’ and then listened to the man talk about his work. It was very inspiring and cool to hear some background stories about the photos and to have him point out the elements that make a certain picture to him.
‘Boarding House’ somehow reminded me of Robert Frank’s work. Subject matter is very different but maybe the connection to me lies in a certain intangible yet very present psychological charge to these photos. We kinda rushed into Ruth Prouse at the last moment to check out the graduation projects. I was most impressed with two installations: one made out of gauze and resembling a large wound. The artist was interested in the transformation of wound to scar after undergoing serious brain surgery. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’  five stages of grief were also used as an inspiration. The other one that I liked, basically for the sheer size and determination it must have taken, was a massive white room where everything was white white white. Cool though. After this we went to Long Street to check Hot Water on the rooftop but we were too late and headed off to Club Voom Voom instead where Babu performed later that evening. After uhm, a few drinks and several chats later we headed home. Happy tired inspired:-)
(copyright: Roger Ballen)
I bumped into Mister Ballen at the National Gallery on Saturday where I managed to say something to him but most likely did not leave much of an impression on the man:-) You see, there’s something John Cleese-esque about his posture and the way he walks and I keep coming up with the most unfortunate things to say or ask but then remember it is Roger Ballen so all I managed was a stumbling mumbling aren’t you… yes, yesterday… beautiful… hi… bye:-) The National Gallery hosted an opening that evening showcasing 5 different exhibitions: Roger Ballen, works from the African Biennale, young designers (including the awesome Anna Richerby) and more that I can’t remember. There was so much to see and so many people to watch that after about 2 hours or so I was too tired to watch and just headed to the bar. Bumped right into Ronan Skillen who was part of the band that night. Awesome. Cape Town:-)
Lump Sum – From Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago… beauty.

Sunday Ramblings – Seven Stories Underground

Bit of a blue day. All I can think of is leaving and just how much I don’t want to leave. I just can’t see myself living in the NL right now. I don’t want to be there and I don’t want to leave here. So why go? Cause I have to as I have no money left and am not making any money. Am not allowed to work here but I seriously need a paying job. It’s odd to find that my decisions are now based on finances. I think it’s a first, for whatever that means and it can’t be right:-)
Thing is, I know exactly what I want and it ain’t leaving except for a trip home for Christmas. Seeing my friends would be great, riding a bicycle everywhere you go would be the best simple pleasure I can think of, safety, infrastructure… it all sounds great. But what about the rest? What about my friends here, what about the work that I put in to get here, what about all those people I haven’t met, the stories I haven’t lived, the countries I haven’t visited?
It kind of feels like I am only getting started properly. The project was an awesome thing to do and a fab way of getting to know people but now comes the real challenge; pushing it out there further than an exhibition. How to make your mark? How to determine when your mark is made? When is it done? I don’t know. I only know it’s not here yet. It feels like there is more coming even if I am a little bit afraid that a friend is right and that Cape Town is very good at dangling a big carrot in front of you, making you believe there is more while you’ll never quite get there.
But wouldn’t it be so much fun trying?

Slide Machine

So, I guess I was sort of asking for it… you know, wanting a life that is different than the one you were living… a life that doesn’t just cruise by and keeps you in a false state of security until you reach 60 and think what the hell did I do? So I moved. So I noticed:-)

I got some good news regarding my visa on Monday, drinks with a friend that same evening followed by a cool time at Langebaan all day Tuesday. Kite surfers, cool company, beer, weird stories, sun, lagoon… it was a good day:-)

 Then yesterday morning things changed. My flatmate came in to tell me that her boyfriend was held up at gun point in our street at about 5.30 am. Totally unprovoked while packing his car to go to work. Shit-heads. Then I went out that same afternoon to meet with a friend only to find that my car was stolen. It took me a while to register the fact which in itself is kinda funny… I walk out, expecting the car to be there and nope, no car. I put on my glasses to check again and oddly enough still no car. I ask my flatmate to have a look and no, no car in sight… We must have looked quite funny to the random people passing by. She just got out of the shower and was only wearing a towel and I just had the most blank yet incredulous look on my face I’m sure. Huh??. Spent most of the day at the police station and calling the rental car company… Burnt straight through my newly uploaded airtime.

But yay, as soon as I logged on to Facebook this morning I saw the little video the talented Nic Redelinghuys made of the Swimming Upstream exhibition opening. I haven’t got a copy yet but there is one on the Grand Daddy Hotel Facebook page, right here

The title comes from a Mark Lanegan B-side to the Stay 7″ from years and years ago. Can’t get the song out of  my head today. It’s not a badthing seeing how Mark Lanegan is pretty much my favorite singer of all time and he can sing straight out of the phone book and I’ll still love it:-)

Follow us Swimming Upstream

The opening night has come and gone but the exhibition is still up and running at the Grand Daddy Hotel and of course I think you should go check it out:-) I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize plenty of people in the wall, hey, they may even be your friends:-)

Cait Pansegrouw and Pierre de Villiers shot a beautiful little making-of-video of this project. They came along on a few shoots, interviewed some of the artists and just put it all together in a cool way. The video features Verity Price, Monishia Schoeman, Tshepo Moche, Hendrik Vermeulen, Maloti Mothobi and music by Tristan Waterkeyn.  And me:-) 

Unfortunately wordpress can’t upload vimeo files but the video is right here 

I apparently agree with myself quite often… I say something, think about it quickly and then nod “yes, yessss” haha didn’t know i did that:-)

Anyways have a look and tell us what you think. I’d love to hear:-)

This photo was taken that night by my awesome friend Joy-Anne Goodenough

– I just wanted to say –

I just wanted to say – Thank you. ‘Thank you’ to my friends and family, but most of all ‘thank you’ to;
my awesome friends Joy-Anne and Jolene for all the support, kicking my ass at times and making me believe I could do it, Lieve for feeding me, the Grand Daddy guys for hosting the exhibition and allowing me to have their first proper exhibition ever. The guys from Overtone for running banners, helping me with contacts and being part of the inspiration, Taluut for designing banners and invitations, Akio for spinning records, Dylan/Museum for giving me a chance in the New Landscape exhibition and for your valuable input, Verity for her beautiful introduction and Cait & Pierre for the awesome video and sleepless nights trying to pull it all together.

And naturally huge thank you’s to all artists taking part. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to climb into dirty deserted trains, for donning weird outfits, for dragging your beautiful designs into a soaking wet forest, for driving me around while getting drunk together and having your feet knibbled on by pigs, for standing in ice cold dams, for singing to me, for showing me around your neighborhood, for inviting me in your homes, for your music, for your art.

Thank you Toby Atwell, Lauren Beukes, Donovan Copley, Guy Buttery, Lauren Fowler, Twanji Kalula, Akio Kawahito, Miss Texas 1977, Tshepo Moche, Maloti Mothobi, S.A. Partridge, Verity Price, Monishia Schoeman, Neil John Smith, Hendrik Vermeulen, Tristan Waterkeyn and Sam Wilson.

Thank you.


On Opening Night

The opening night is over… It was amazing and I had a fab fab fab time. Thank you so much to everyone who came out!! I can hardly get my head around the fact that the Swimming Upstream project is up for show now. Cool:-)

The whole day was amazing. I was lucky enough to have Jolene help me out all day long. We made our way to Orms at about 11 am to fetch the prints and damn, they did a stellar job. Packed it all up and went to the GD straight away. As soon as we pulled up at the Grand Daddy a big car moved out of the way creating the one and only available parking space in front of the Grand Daddy Hotel. The guys helped us carry the frames into The Venue and move furniture around.  Then we still had to decide on the order of the photos. I had made a selection on my computer but it is different once you’re inside a venue. There’s only so much space available, which photos do you want people to see first when they enter the room. Certain photo go together well, other don’t… When we finally made the decision of who to put where it was more than an hour later. Handyman Sheldon was quickly bribed to forget fixing the water pump and help put up the photos. Thank you:-) 

I think my favorite part of the day was sitting on the floor with Jo, eating pasta, drinking caipirinhas, tweeting and chatting while staring at my own work and realizing it has actually become a reality. Nice:-)

Jolene and I rushed home to Woodstock at about 4 pm in order to shower and change. Made it back just in time for me to fly into a fit, to get the dj table *back* into the room, move some furniture out of the room and for the champagne to be found before the first guests came. And from then on the night just whizzed by.

Verity opened the exhibition with a beautiful introduction and what Swimming Upstream means to her after which we played the video and Akio spinned his records all evening long. He had brought another dj with and they just took turns. Thank you guys so much!

And I can’t wait to see the Pixel Revelation’s video of the evening and some of Joy’s pics:-) If you have any as well, please let me know as between the excitement, champagne, chatting to people, rum & coke, being interviewed, tequila shots, the occasional hiding behind you just so I could take it all in and some more chatting and some more rum & coke, the evening just flew by.

Made it to bed at about 3.30 am. We started the ext day with a yummie breakfast at Superette and now it’s back to reality. Pics need to be sold, banks to be paid and visas to be sorted out… But the night happened anyway:-)

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