All My Friends Are Insects

Bang bang here we go – another week and it’s going to be a hectic awesome week even if Monday came round in a dull moody kind of way.
Anyway, this week is the week of the The New Landscape exhibition!!!! First of three exhibitions. Yup:-) My exhibition quota will have doubled by the time I leave SA. Noice:-) 
This week going to be such a cool mixture of work & networking together with friends, drinks & celebrations. Today wil be just work work and sorting out some stupid admin stuff from the operation of two months ago. Apparently SA Admin and Dutch medical insurance companies don’t like each other and they rather mail my mother in the NL, call my friends here in CT etc rather than call me or sort it out themselves. Anyway, it’s annoying.
But hey, the rest of the week will be awesome. There’s the Cape Town Design Network (CTDN) The Editors Speak lecture on Tuesday evening.
According to the Facebook page “The CTDN is a fledgling organisation set up to help facilitate the development of design in Cape Town. This session is part of a set of talks and discussions the network has been hosting since early this year. The sessions usually host well-known designers speaking on their work. This is a special event where design editors are put to the test. Check out the network in its zooty new venue on the fan walk. Get a sneak preview of a venue which will be the talk of the town and which opens officially in October”
The list of speakers include One Small Seed’s editor Giuseppe Russo and Art SA’s Sean O’Toole which is pretty much the reason why I am going at all.
I’ll be running around the whole day Tuesday as I also have a meeting with a potential client in Long Street and with the Museum guys as well. Can’t wait to see the prints:-)
Wednesday brings another Cape Town networking opportunity at the The Field Office in Barrack Street. I also plan on finishing at least 2 shoots. I am actually aiming for 3 but 2 seems more realistic. 
Then I’ll go into town to fetch my passport with my brand new extended visa which in itself is a reason to celebrate:-)
Last of all, it’s the week of the The New Landscape exhibition!!!!!
And no, not all my friends are insects:-) The title comes from a Weezer song off their new album, ‘Hurley’. Listening to Half-Handed Cloud now. Their album ‘As Stowaways in Cabinets of Surf, We Live-out in Our Members a Kind of Rebirth’ is available now on Asthmatic Kitty. Having a folky day apparently as I’m also still loving the Sharon van Etten album.
On that note, listen to this song by Fairport Convention. Can’t find a proper video on youtube but this will do. It’s beautiful. Guess I’m a bit of a
hippie after all:-)

4 responses to “All My Friends Are Insects

  1. im so relieved by that last part. maybe some of them are, but i dont think i’d like to be an insect, unless they are the kind of ones that fly into your beer.

    • my dear Karin, you are not an insect:-) but how about butterflies? tipsy butterflies? i wouldn’t mind being a tipsy butterfly or ladybug:-) maybe it’s the tipsy part i don’t mind:-)

  2. i love that Masi shebeen photo!!
    Exciting week ahead for you Ms VeeZee – enjoy it!!

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