Rambling Billy Speed

I really should call this post from 10 to 5, not time wise but “things I have to do” wise… You see I am a last minute worker, always have been been and most likely always will. But then I decided I am going to try not to be one, or perhaps be a “last 5 minutes worker”. I can make a list of a gazillion thing that I have to do but there are 10 things that really need to be finished uhm before October 22nd but  I decided just now that I am going to do 5 of those things this week. Ha. Shortening the list from 10 to 5…
Besides the 5 things I have to do I will also be doing a shoot and interview with Eavesdrop for the Swimming Upstream Project tomorrow. I am totally looking forward to it and I am really hoping that tomorrow will be overcast as well as overcast days make for pretty pictures.  I also need to get my stuff together for the upcoming exhibition at the end of this month (see upcoming post above) and I need to edit the photos from last week’s shoot.  And i need to make sure the Swimming Upstream banner gets made so I probably need to get the GD logo and I need to edit, write, email, network, quote, ask, organize, back-up, do, get visa and RICA’d (or not)… I am totally back to 10 things or more… I need coffee that’s what I need. And to go for a run.
 Btw this photo was sold by World Portraits about two weeks ago. This should be good news but for some reason I am not feeling it… Suppose it is because I am not sure if I’ll be allowed to use another image from this collection in an exhibition. I am still waiting for the official ok. World Portraits doesn’t allow photoshopped images into their collection and you can see the original here… http://www.world-portraits.com/blog/wp/
And so here we go again, another week.  I woke up early today but I have been dragging my feet all morning allowing myself to be distracted by all sorts of social media which could explain yet another wobbly, rambling post. I guess I am the Monday Rambler, in fact I am the cranky Monday Rambler who has strawberries and oceans on her mind.
I want to work for magazines btw… just thought I’d throw that out there.
And I even though I’m listening to the Pan African Space Station (www.panafricanspacestation.org.za) yet I totally have this late 60’s song in my head
Oh and I quite like the Crocodiles album Sleep forever… part of the title for this post comes from their album… song 6

2 responses to “Rambling Billy Speed

  1. damn them strawberries!

  2. hehe ja they are everywhere these days! 🙂

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