Catch my shoe

So, … cool things are happening.
I was approached by someone on Monday to take part in a group exhibition at a new gallery in town. Totally jumped at the chance.
I’m not entirely sure of how public or secret the whole thing is but better play it safe and not say too much. Anyway, I can submit 4 photos of my choosing as long as they are in landscape format and fit the theme. The guy picked 4 photos but 2 of them are out for different reasons: one was shot with a point & shoot and would never hold up on A2 and the other was shot on film and I don’t have the file with me here in SA except for the low res image that is online already.
I am suspecting a problem with one of the other photos he picked as it is part of the World Portraits Collection, an online stock agency that used to be part of the Dutch ANP press but became an independent in 2008 or 2009. They never sold the photo anywhere and frankly, I want it back. Or at least I want the freedom to do what I like with it.
So I came up with 3 sets of 4 images and can’t quite figure out which to choose. Pros and cons everywhere and it all depends on what you want and all that jazz. Decided to let it sink in a little, ask my good friend thegreenhairmermaid for advice and write everyone involved in the mean time trying to get their ok with me using it for the exhibition.
The greenhairmermaid called (sounds cool eh? getting a call from a mermaid:-)) and after having discussed the options with her I sent through one set and two possible images. I just hope he likes the first set.
Dates to remember: 09-30, 11-11 and 12-03… 3 months, 3 exhibitions
If I only I could get my stuff published in magazines… I’d be a happy camper then
I also just found out that I got my visa extension. Have had the Black Keys'”next girl”  firmly stuck in my head for days now, still love the new (-ish) album. Blonde Redhead now though… Oh and btw, I think that Weezer cover for Hurley is just brilliant! 
Seriously, just check out
If you’re thinking what do these images have to do with the Swimming Upstream project you are right, they don’t have anything to with it. But neither does this entire post. Thought I’d be consistent:-) And it looks nice.
And …  going to the Pecha Kucha meeting last week totally paid off:-)
Told you, good things are happening…

5 responses to “Catch my shoe

  1. I fiiinally got around to read your Blog.
    Good luck with the new Exhibition.
    I will pop over and browse around as soon as it is open.


  2. awesome news! exciting days!

  3. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee etc :-)))))

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