All tomorrow’s parties

I’m doing a photo shoot with a very cool graphic designer tomorrow. He’s also a DJ and I’m quite sure you’ve heard of him. Without wanting to give too much away, his company designs for Rocking the Daisies,  Cooked in Africa Films, African Relish and Balkanology to name but a few.  Am really looking forward to the shoot as I’m a big fan of his designs. I worked at a graphic design company called Taluut in Utrecht for 7 years before I came out to South Africa and occasionally I miss working at a design company. I think it will be great to talk to him about design and see what he is up to.

My only problem is, I don’t know where to go. I have been trying to come up with all sorts of locations which, if you put them together, tell a cool story of Cape Town as an underlying uhm… thing… theme.

The other thing is that I am kinda stressing about getting enough money together for the exhibition. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that it’s been pushed forward a little.

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